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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4508 - 4511

 4508. That is how it was for Coromo, he suddenly thought that God, his God, might not actually exist, and so it would therefore be possible for him to be shattered into a million pieces and he would be destroyed for absolutely no reason what so ever. 

 4509. He began to see traffic moving down below. Cars the size of ants were crawling along a two-lane highway. He knew that highway, and so he knew that the cars would be moving along about forty miles an hour.  Slowly the picture of an explanation came into his head and he reasoned like this.

 4510. The cars are tiny and the houses are tiny, the trees are tiny and the barns are tiny, therefore everything has shrunk down. Time must also have shrunk down, and this must be why the cars go so slow.

 4511. Coromo was wrong, but sometime or other he had heard the phrase, "Time slows down." He heard the phrase as a waiter, waiting at the table of some college professors on vacation. It was one of those meaningless things one hears that remain in one's head because they sound intelligent.

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