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Monday, April 13, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4468 - 4471

 4468. He did not start the engine right away but turned to Coromo and began talking to him in an overly familiar way. The pilot said to Coromo, "My diabetes is driving me crazy lately, and I can't seen to keep my blood sugar under control."

 4469. Sometimes it flies up if I just eat a little candy-bar, and other times it falls down to nothing and I have to gulp down sugar water to keep from passing out."

 4470. He said this in all seriousness as if to elicit Coromo's sympathy, and then he began to laugh loudly, and turned his attention to the controls.

 4471. I know that pilot, and I have been in his plane several times on my trips home. He says thing like that to everyone just for a laugh, but also because it is his great joy to magnify the fears of his passengers.

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