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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4476 - 4479

 4476. It was not always like that. One time, about ten years ago the engine, a single engine, shut off in mid-flight and did not come on for almost a minute while the craft slowly descended toward the water.

 4477. That made his hair stand on end, and forced him to say his prayers under his breath while gasping for air because of a shortness of breath.

 4478. He would have quit his pilot's job that day if it was not for his poverty, a poverty brought on by his obsession with gambling, and his constant drinking, but he recovered his wits after several years of patient suffering.

 4479. I apologize about all this detail concerning the pilot. What has the pilot got to do with the story anyway? Nothing I am aware of, at least not at the present time. He was the reason for Coromo's attack of fear, and that attack of fear will be an important factor in our story.

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