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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Lost in New York, parts 4444 - 4447

 4444. If he had heard the word paranoia in conversation and he asked the meaning of the word, someone might have tried to explain to him how it is somehow more complicated than just fear.

 4445. But the business of how paranoia is more complicated than simple fear would have been lost on Coromo.

 4446. Here is how it came about that Coromo had an attack of fear. It was a small airport, the kind of airport that only very small airplanes can fly out from. It was necessary to take a ten-minute flight to a larger terminal to connect to trans-Atlantic flights.

4447. The resort had its own small plane shuttling groups back and forth to the airport, but often individuals, such as Coromo made the trip in an old two-seat contraption than had been in use for many years.

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