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Monday, April 27, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4524 - 4527

 4524. When riding in a plane there is nothing so upsetting as a disturbed look of the face of one of the attendants. You are sitting in your seat trying to get comfortable, and the hostess walks past and on her face there appears to be a look of fear.

 4525. "Appears to have a look of fear," consider that qualified phrase. You do not actually know the hostess is fearful, perhaps she just has a toothache, and it got much worse recently.

 4526. Perhaps the pilot complained that his coffee was not hot, adding is an undertone, "Third time this week." On the other hand, perhaps everyone on the craft is going to dies in about 12 minutes, and that was the reason for the hostess' apparently fearful expression. You are never going to know.

4527. If you were to ask you would never get a truthful answer, this you know. So you feel nervous, and after the passage of a small amount of time, you think to yourself that it was just nothing, you are nervous, you can't help yourself.

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