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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4528 - 4531

 4528. That was the state of mind of Coromo, as the plane flew into a cloud bank and everything disappeared from view. The pilot seemed to be tense and upset, and was looking ahead as if he could penetrate to gloom with his eye.

 4529. The pilot did something with his controls, and the plane started to fly sideways, after than it leveled out again. He did this a few more times and then the plane came out into the clear blue sky and down below Coromo could see the airport, but it was the same airport they had taken off from.

4530. The pilot tried three times to penetrate the fog over the ocean but each time he turned back. Finally he gave up and landed the plane in the same place they had departed from. The pilot said, "The fog is too thick, we will have to try again later."

 4531. Coromo got out of the plane and went into a little building that was used as a waiting room, to wait until the fog cleared. He was not there long, but picked up his bag and headed for home. His mind was disturbed with his fright, and he kept saying over and over again "Never again, never again." 

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