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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4492 - 4495

 4492. So began a fateful minute and a half during which our hero resentfully began to prepare to meet his creator.

 4493.  It sometimes happens to an individual that because of some completely benign innocent mistake of perception, one momentarily comes to the conclusion that ones life is over.

 4494. In the few seconds that elapse between this perception of the inevitably of death, and the happy realization that it was all just some silly mistake, we can glimpse the fundamental character of a person flower, and their complete world view, or, as the Germans so aptly phrase it their "Weltanschauung," emerge.

 4495. Some persons crumble and tremble at the sight of their impending death, and others are stoical, and feel proud at their supposed lack of fear.

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