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Friday, April 10, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4456 - 4459

 4456. And also, wouldn't I feel both silly and stupid if this old plane took off and landed this morning without mishap, and I, avoiding an imagined danger, was run over by a bus on the way home?

 4457. Coromo, with such thoughts, was experimenting with the science of statistics, but the entire idea that statistics can be some kind of science flies into the face of anybody's personal feelings, and the universal illusion of eternalness. 

 4458. Besides, who wants to imagine that one's life is subject to a flip of some coin, even if it is. The notion that there are mathematical laws that pertain to the continuance of one's life may be just fine for some employees at the life insurance companies.

4459. But actuality tables are less than of no use to a person sitting in the waiting room at an airport, and one should feel pity for the person who might walk up to one of those machines and purchase a one day life insurance policy.

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