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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4488 - 4491

 4488. Just as Coromo decided the craft had stopped moving, the pilot leveled the craft out, which seemed to his passenger to be the beginning of their inevitable decent. 

 4489. Simultaneously, as the landscape was slowing down, and coming to a complete halt, at least to Coromo's observant and artistic eye, attuned as it was, as an artist, to the subtleties of perspective, pressure began to build up in Coromo's ears.

 4490. The engine, which before had seemed so terribly loud, suddenly became quiet, and then the noise of the engine seemed to stop altogether. The silence of the engine was fated to last for as long as it took for Coromo to accidentally swallow.

 4491.  Swallowing would adjust the pressure in his ears and bring on the sound of the engine at its full decibel level. But alas, Coromo did not know he had to swallow in order to hear the engine again.

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