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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Lost In Nerw York, parts 4464 - 4467

 4464. He had spent a lot of time painting pictures recently, and as he painted he became more and more involved in the project, but as of yet he had not begun to consider that the painting of pictures might be the undiscovered purpose of his life.

4465. To him it was rather like creating pictures was similar to doing crossword puzzles or playing solitaire; an activity that killed time while he waited for some other serious thing he was supposed to be doing.

 4466. Thinking all these thoughts Coromo forced himself, with trepidation, to get into the passenger seat of the plane. He had to wait about fifteen minutes while the pilot smoked a cigarette, and took a look at various things on the craft that needed his attention.

 4467. Then he got into the pilot's seat, slammed the door, which did not weigh anything, and emitted a groan.

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