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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4448 - 4451

 4448. Coromo had never seen an airplane in real life and was only acquainted with the object from pictures in books and magazines. It is interesting to notice how often a real thing can drastically differ from the image one forms in the mind of the thing, from pictures. 

 4449. The little flimsy airplane Coromo had to get into did not inspire any confidence in him, quite the contrary. Every single part of the thing seemed to have broken at some time in the past and subsequently been fixed with gray duct tape.

 4450. Duct tape does not inspire confidence when it is first applied, but after some time and exposure to sunlight, the surface begins to peal off and expose little threads and white fibers that seem to possess the very essence of decrepitude.

4451. All it takes is a modest piece of duct tape applied to a piece of furniture to make it unacceptable even for a cheapest second hand store.

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