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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4436 - 4439

 4436. In a film by Pasolini, it is not the teenagers in vacant lots in the suburbs of Rome that are interesting, it is the lots themselves. 

 4437. In the distance one can see cranes on top of half finished buildings, and here and there the crumbling remains of Roman aqueducts. Now those view have completely disappeared.

 4438. In their place are millions of modern apartment buildings as far as the eye can see. The old Rome of after the war, the Rome of dirt roads and Topolinos, can no longer be found.

 4439. This was the situation for Coromo as he pondered his trip to New York. He was hoping to see thing that were abundant fifty years ago. He was hoping to see elevated subway lines and men in fedora hats.

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