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Monday, April 20, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4496 - 4499

 4496. But then there are those like Coromo who face the evil prospect with anger, anger of a hubristic character, anxious to cross the threshold to the other world full of arguments and reproach. 

 4497. The aircraft did not descend, but neither did it speed up, dive, or turn in any direction. The landscape seemed to stay absolutely still, and it was as if Coromo was in a stationary place up in the middle of the sky, sitting in a chair and not moving at all. 

 4498. Perhaps you can recall being in a small plain for the first time, and the transcendent perfect moment when the craft attains its altitude, and levels out, and you can perceive no movement, and hardly hear a sound. 

4499. Let us consider that the craft is traveling one hundred miles an hour through the air. Below one's eye catches a tiny brilliant triangle of light, which one assumes to be the silver tin roof of a barn. 

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