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Friday, April 24, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4512 - 4515

 4512. Here is the entire segment of conversation Coromo overheard, and partly remembered. "Einstein says that as a moving object approaches the speed of light, time slows down." The other person at the table replied, "Did Einstein say exactly what time was going to slow down relative to?"

 4513. "Time slows down relative to what?" Repeated the first speaker. And the man who had made the contrary statement then said, "For time to slow down, it has to slow down relative to time itself. Therefore to say that time slows down can have no meaning." 

 4514. By the same reasoning, space cannot be said to be warped, because it would have to be warped relative to something, and that something it would be warped relative to determines the shape of space.

4515. Later Coromo brought desert to the table of the men who were arguing about Einstein. The conversation has shifted, and they were now talking about Galileo. The man who was suspicious of the ideas of Einstein turned out, not surprisingly, to be skeptical of Galileo as well. He was one of those types that enjoy throwing stones at the monuments of famous men.  

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