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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4520 - 4523

 4520. That was why Coromo used the phrase, "Time has slowed down," as he sat in the passenger seat of the little plane. Down below him was the ocean, and it was gray. Straight ahead were the sky and the horizon and they were also gray. He could have sworn that the craft was not moving.

 4521. He could not tell how far away the water was down below him. There were patterns on the water, but one moment they looked like they were miles away, and at other times the ocean looked like it was a few feet below him.

 4522. The patterns on the water were distinct and exact for a time, but then the water began to go out of focus. The water would be out of focus for a while, and then become clear and distinct again. Finally the patterns on the water disappeared altogether, and everything became a dark gray turbulent nothingness.

 4523. They had entered a big cloud, and the pilot, seeing Coromo's terror explained, "Its just a cloud, we will be out of it in a minute."

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