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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4516 - 4519

 4516. This is what Coromo overheard, "When Galileo was old he was asked to explain the tides. Why does the sea rise and fall, people wanted to know. Galileo thought for a while, rubbed his chin and said, the sea is like the tea in a teacup. The teacup is the earth that is spinning around. The sea sloshes around in its tea cup, and that is the cause of the tides."

 4517. "But," continued the man who threw stones at the monuments of famous men, "Galileo was wrong about the tides. But everyone though his answer had to be correct because he was the famous Galileo."

 4518. "So too," he continued, "Einstein, in his old age, was wrong about time, but he is always believed, because he was Einstein, so he had to be correct."

4519. That was the conversation Coromo overheard, as he served the two professors their deserts. The last thing he heard when he went to fetch the wine was the other speaker who replied in an aggrieved tone, "Now that you have dispensed with Galileo, and Einstein, what do you think of the later etchings of Picasso?

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