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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4504 - 4507

 4504. It is moving as slow as it is possible for a thing to move on the earth, slower that the slowest of turtles.  Why is this, and how is it to be explained?

 4505. I could explain, if you wanted me to, why the plumb bob goes so fast and the barn so slowly, but I doubt if you would find it at all interesting. What I do think is interesting is what it was like for Coromo, during those moments, as the plane floated along in the sky.  

  4506. He realized that everything he thought about things was somehow wrong, and that the way things actually were was now impossible to understand or figure out. 

"Doubting Thomas," Mark Tansey

4507. Once my brother was on a trip to Los Angeles. He stayed in a hotel on the top floor. He woke up in the morning because the room was trembling. He sat down at a chair next to a table and the room swayed back and forth and the table and the chair moved from place to place. My brother said to himself, as the earthquake quaked, "Everything I ever thought I knew appears to be false."

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