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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4532 - 4535

 4532. He decided he was never going to get into a plane of any kind. How he was going to get to New York he did not know. The desire to go on his trip did not abate, but he began to imagine that he could simply purchase a ticked on a cruise ship.

 4533. When he had been researching his trip in the travel sections of the New York Times; the Sunday Times he found in the resort guest's reading room, he often noticed the advertisements for cruises, but he had never read the ads or thought about them.

 4534. When he got home he pulled out an old copy of a travel section and began to read about the cruises. How much did they cost, how long did they take? But the first thing that caught his eye was a cross-section drawing of a cruise ship, which seemed to indicate that the ships had millions of floors navigated by elevators.

 4535. Fear is like a contagious disease, and it spreads through ones mind bit-by-bit corrupting all ones plans and schemes. He tried to picture riding on an elevator down into the bowels of a huge ship. He imagined that the elevator would be especially small and rocking violently back and forth.

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